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Edwin Abbey

Founder, MyRecipeRemix.com

About Me

My joy in cooking goes way back to standing on a step stool, next to my mom in the kitchen, and helping measure this and cut that. I'm reminded of being told that as a young child, helping mom out by stirring something in the electric skillet, I looked up to her and said, "We make a good team, mom." There in the kitchen, a bond formed. More than just the connection between me and my mother, a bond was formed between me and cooking.


I'm still fortunate to be able to share the kitchen with her from time to time and learn from her many years of experience.



The thought of culinary school intrigued me, but it never happened.  Nonetheless, thanks to cable television and the Food Network, my knowledge and skills continued to be developed.

I was always comfortable in the kitchen and enjoyed the challenge of coming home from work and making do with whatever was in the house. Most of the time, it was a success.  However, my kids will certainly tell you that on occasion, I got, shall we say, a little too creative.



"I found myself very overweight, with no energy and no sense of that changing."

Unfortunately, my passion for cooking wasn't paired up with my health in mind. Ok, maybe that's not entirely true.  I tried to make sure that my creations ensured that my family had protein, veggies and a starch, like I grew up with. That was my guideline. However, it wasn't good enough and in early 2016, I found myself very overweight, with no energy and no sense of that changing.  And guess what, my kids' health wasn't that great either.

Then, one day, I recognized that a friend of mine at work had lost a lot of weight and was bouncing with energy. He introduced me to a nutrition program that ultimately changed my life. I lost almost 50 pounds and found energy that I hadn't seen since I was a young man.  And I did it with very little exercise other than an occasional kayak trip.


Part of that program includes learning about how simple carbohydrate foods affect our bodies and promotes the use of complex carbohydrates to minimize blood sugar spikes while feeling satiated longer. It's not a new concept, and is promoted by several well established and respected nutrition organizations. Adding this extra information to my original concept of meal preparation has been a huge benefit to me and to my children's health. My guidelines just needed a little tweaking.



So why MyRecipeRemix.com?

MRR is a result of combining my passion for cooking with a passion for helping people.  My goal is to help you understand that it doesn't have to take a complete overhaul of your eating habits to make a difference in your health.  I strongly believe that a simple change now will be a catalyst to making additional changes as your body responds to you taking charge of your health.


And if you want to know that you are giving your body the best and quickest way to get back into good health, I would love the opportunity to talk to you about the nutrition program I mentioned.  It was, and continues to be, a life changer for me.

Let's Talk!

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